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Tough Guys

Behind The Lyrics

This song is pretty tongue in cheek, all sung with a wink, but it speaks to an important truth: when others want you to be different than you are, it's always a reflection of their own insecurity and misunderstanding of happiness. We often ask each other to modify behaviors or beliefs so that we can feel more secure, but this leads feeling criticized and confined, and puts an impossible responsibility on others. There is great freedom in realizing that your authenticity is a) your job and b) does not and cannot impinge upon anyone else. Once you know that, you never again feel the need to contort your personality to please others. 

"I’m selfish if I please myself, I’m good if I please you"

"I’m a rebel if I don’t fit in the box, I’m a talent if I do"

"I ain’t waitin' on you to approve"

"Tidal wave that you can't hold back"

"Courage is all dreams need to live"

"I don’t mean to play rough, guys"

"I'm selfish if...good if I please you"

"I'm just trusting my gut, guys"

"I think I threaten these tough guys"

"It's you who can't keep pace"